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Winter League Now Open For Registration


Just 4215 Winter League

Winter League is now open for registration!

Twice a week your child will have the opportunity to play competitive pickup games against local competition.

Your player will be placed on a random team each week and the games will be played in 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 format.

League allows you the chance to grow as a player on all levels.

We give the players the flexibility to step up and be vocal leaders, trade information, and everything else that’s necessary to win a game without a coach.

We host a league for each season: Fall, winter, spring, and summer, so there is always something available for your child to get extra reps and develop outside of a normal team setting.

Winter League Details

Start Date: December 1st.

Winter League lasts 16 sessions with the exception of holidays.

6:00 pm - (boys & girls grades K-3)
6:45 pm - (boys grades 4-7 group 1)
7:30 pm - (boys grades 4-7 group 2)
8:15 pm - (boys grades 8 & up)

7:30 pm - (girls grades 4-7)
8:15 pm - (girls grades 8 & up)

9:00 am- (boys & girls grades K-3)
9:45 am - (girls grades 4-7)
10:30 am - (boys grades 4-7 group 1)
11:15 am - (boys grades 4-7 group 2)
12:00 pm - (girls grades 8 & up)
12:45 pm - (boys grades 8 & up)