Basketball Workouts & Training

Workouts are geared towards 1 on 1s or small groups. These lessons are slower paced than our other offerings and focused on the smaller details of the game to make improvements on a bigger scale.

Workouts will typically last about 45 to 55 minutes as you make your way through stations.


1-on-1 Workouts


For 1-on-1s, our focus is to work on individual skills such as footwork, coordination, using your athleticism, dribbling, finishing, and shooting.

We help our players develop these skills by creating different targeted exercises and game like situations.

Each 1-on-1 lasts around 45-55 minutes and will focus on the essentials of basketball and what your player needs to work on most.


Group Workouts


Group Workouts are designed around a 45-55 min session with a small group that will focus on the essentials of basketball.

For groups, we focus on “team quality” aspects, like passing, catch and shoot skills, moving without the ball, reading the game, spacing, rotations, communication etc.

Working with groups allows our players to learn together and get real game-like experience to prepare them for competition.

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